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Excerpts from published articles featuring ADSC.

Engineering A Niche: Company helps automakers pinpoint problems — Ann Arbor News

Analytical Design Service Corp. uses software and engineering techniques pioneered by NASA to troubleshoot production designs and processes. Major component suppliers enlist the services of ADSC to resolve parts experiencing premature failure. Due to our success in analyzing these failures, we are now seeing a trend towards implementing FEA during the initial design stage says Dilip K. Nigam (ADSC president). Additionally, more and more automakers are asking ADSC to investigate ways to make its parts more durable and lighter, saving the companies millions of dollars in the process he says. Gradually, we've seen an acceptance that they need to do this up front. That's why our slogan is design it right the first time. Ideally, everybody should analyze every part that they're designing.

'Quick fix' specialist solves makers' problems — Automotive News

The firms main tool is finite element analysis: computerized testing of parts and systems to simulate stress and temperature loads. Ideally you want to use actual prototype testing as the last validation after you have done all the analysis on the computer says Nigam (ADSC president), the firms biggest competitor is ignorance.

He aims to become large — Crains Small Business

ADSC has helped its large customers create patents and solve problems with airplanes, engines, transmissions, spinal rods etc. We've used them quite a bit, said Greg Karpicke (automotive Senior Project Engineer) They are very innovative with their solutions. They don't just come up with problems.


Fast Track — Multiple Years

Awarded by the Washtenaw Development. To qualify for the award businesses had to grow by an average of 20 percent or more.


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